Automatic and manual gearboxes

For both possibilities, remanufacture of your core and exchange, Avima Motor has got all the information necessary and specific machinery necessary to remanufacture your gearbox, automatic and manual, of every first-class manufacturer, such as Eaton, ZF, Allison and Voith.

with every detail

For both possibilities, exchange and remanufacture of your core, our complete process starts with the full disassembly and decarbonization of the product, following and exhaustive technical evaluation of every component, rejecting the ones which are not proper for assembly and substituting these for new original ones or quality equivalent.

Quality standards
and original conditions observation

In the assembly process, we observe the same standards of quality as those used for engines, with full control of each torque tightening and checking settings with precision of hundreds of a millimetre. Last but not least, we exhaustively observe original dimensions and tolerances given by manufacturer.

Main brands

We only work with the main brands, assuring excellent quality of the product.


Avima Motor offers you a
1 year / 50.000 Km
warranty, whichever occurs first, to all its products.